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123Alarm.com has chalked out the immediate needs and requirements regarding your Security & Security Systems in the form of Guides & Checklists that can help you get a better understanding of what has to be done

Before Leaving
While On Vacation
After The Vacation
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Before Leaving

  • Inform all the relevant delivery personnel (newspapers, mail, milk or any parcel) so that you do not have anything lying around.

  • Reduce the volume or avoid leaving any messages. A loud phone ring, (ringing for long) could indicate that you are away.

  • Be sure to give your travel itinerary to your neighbor or a caretaker.

  • Let them know the password and codes of the security alarm so that they can do the needful, in case of an emergency.

  • Preferably get them to come and check the status of your house everyday.

  • Inform the alarm company that you are away.

  • Be sure to activate the security alarm, before leaving.

  • All houses have a number of points of entry, keep them well guarded.

  • Avoid having anything expensive at visible places, to attract any attention.

  • A proper security would include even your automobile, other vehicles, garage items and storeroom material. Everything has to be guarded and padlocked so that there can be no incidence of thieving.

  • Protecting your house also entails protecting it from fires, and take proper measures for it.

  • Make arrangements for timers in light and sounds to be getting on periodically, so that it does not give an impression that there’s no one in the house.

  • An ideal way to preserve valuables and important papers would be to stash them away in banks and security deposits.

  • If you are going away for a short while, mow your lawn before you leave. If you are away for long, get someone to do it for you.

  • The hedges and the bushes should be kept as low as you can.

  • All the tools and other equipment should be safely kept away. They should never be left in the open or in the outside vicinity.

  • Fix motion detector lights, they can ward off thieving to some extent.

  • However well protected your house may be, simple things like keeping the valuables safe, locking away important things and keeping your savings safe will go a long way.

  • When you make arrangements for a house sitter to take care, also ensure that they cater to your car’s needs, especially, if you are away for a while.

  • Someone has to shovel your driveway and walks if you are away during winter.

  • Move away all the expensive paraphernalia away from the windows and doors.

  • Do not give the impression that there is a lot to steal from your house. Try to conceal all your costly products.

  • Try to get all your calls forwarded, to wherever you are.

  • Keeping your house safe and secure is never a waste of time, do not take it lightly.

While On Vacation

  • Keep in touch with whoever is looking after the house, as it is your responsibility and not the caretaker’s.

  • Ensure that everything is without any hassle and if anything has to be done on a regular basis, remind them to do so.

  • If anything has to be done, make a checklist and give it to the caretaker as during long lengths of time, the chores are easily forgotten.

  • If you avail the facility of the internet camera security, you can log in and view the status of your house at any time.

  • If you install wireless security cameras with good storage, an entire week of recording can be stored and viewed.

After The Vacation

  • Take the effort of informing the alarm company as well as your house caretakers’ that you are back.

  • Check your entire house, including places like garages, basements and gardens for any sign of loss or damage.

  • If you find something new or different lying around, notify the concerned authorities.

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